In   model 1   and second, the computer acts as a teacher, sdsu blackboard while the model 3 and 4, to develop the use of problem-solving skills through discovery or exploratory approach. Some results of these studies suggest that learning can increase motivation   learning, effective learning media, the absence of limits of space and time   belajar.Dengan development of increasingly sophisticated, so until now many perceived benefits in many areas of life. One of the benefits of the computer is in the field   education   such as multimedia. Where with the use of multimedia, the learning process more meaningful, because it is capable of displaying text, color, sound, video, motion, capable of displaying images as well as intelligence that can provide interactive process. Technology advances   information   and communication is also beneficial in   education, one of which is computer assisted learning, in use by Sudjana and Riva (1989), there are several models of computer assisted learning.sdsu blackboard

   The development of science and technology to the learning process is enriched source   learn   and learning media. Computer media used in learning because it provides advantages not shared by other learning media is the ability of computers to interact individually with students. Learning model applied in computer assisted learning can be generally classified into four models, namely:


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