Computer network technology / internet to benefit the wearer to communicate directly with other users. This is made ​​possible by the creation of a device called a modem. Network computer / internet make it possible for participants to communicate in writing and exchanging ideas on learning activities that they do. Computer networks can be designed so that teachers can communicate with students and students can interact with other students learn. Interaction of learning by using computer networks not only can be done individually, but also to support the learning activities of the group. Utilization of computer networks in distance education system also known as Computer Conferencing System (CCF). This system is usually done by electronic mail or E-mail. Some of the advantages the use of computer networks in distance education system, namely: can enrich tutorial models, can solve learning problems faced by students in a shorter time and can overcome the barriers of space and time in obtaining information. CCF gives the possibility for students and faculty to conduct direct instructional interaction between individuals, individuals and groups, and group by group.